Annual Giving

Gifts can be made to Senior Services of Van Buren County at any time during the year. If you are particularly fond of a specific program, you may indicate where you would like your gift to be applied. We will be certain to respect your wishes and utilize the gift in whichever way you prefer. We do encourage donors to leave their gift unrestricted, as there are many programs which might benefit from one gift, programs that are equally important but perhaps not as well known.

There are many different ways to make your contribution:

Your gift can be made with check sent to The South Haven Office at 1635 76th Street, South Haven, 49090

Planned Giving

There are three forms of Planned Gifts that can be made, including:

Outright Gifts

Gifts with Retained Benefits for Donors / Families

Gifts by Will

There are numerous ways to plan for the future. Cash, Marketable Securities, Real Estate and Charitable Gift Annuities, are just a few examples. We have trained staff available to sit with you and help you make decisions on what might best meet your needs. It is recommended that an Attorney prepare the final instrument.

"In-Kind" Giving

Did you know that your gift to Senior Services does not have to be monitary? Senior Services benefits every year from many types of generous contributions. We are grateful to receive food, equipment, supplies and many other items.

When you make an "In-Kind" gift to Senior Services, you will receive a receipt for use in preparing your taxes. We encourage you to discuss your potential gift with your tax professional, as all tax situations can be different.

If an "In-Kind" gift is not right for you, check out our other giving opportunities or contact our office for more information.