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"SSVBC provides professional services, opportunities and caring support for seniors in Van Buren County, Michigan to enhance their quality of life and living situations."

Notice from Senior Services of Van Buren County

In the interest of keeping our seniors as safe as possible, Senior Services of Van Buren County has decided  not to open our Activity Centers until there is a vaccine available.   While we miss all of our seniors very much, we believe this is the right decision given the age range of our participants.  We will publicize on Facebook, area newspapers and our website before the reopening of our centers before take place.

Although our Activities Centers and offices remain closed to the public, our staff is continuing their work to serve the needs of our seniors by offering the following services:

Pick Up Meals in South Haven, Paw Paw, and Decatur.

Carewatch Services which include home meal deliveries to qualifying seniors, DHS and SS assistance, utility assistance, help with finding in-home care, assistance in home repairs for caregivers, referrals for seniors suffering from depression,  help with paperwork, referrals to agencies who help with various needs, and more.

We also provide commodity assistance for qualifying seniors, along with the many additional food trucks (no qualification needed), we’ve been providing.

Friendly phone calls program by volunteers to seniors who are lonely.

If you have questions about any of these services or find yourself in need of assistance, please contact us at 269-637-3607.  Please leave a message  as we are checking messages frequently, and will get back to you as soon as possible.

         Senior Services             Board Meetings

Due to Covid 19, all Senior Services Board Meetings are currently hosted via Zoom at 4:30pm   A link will be posted the week of the meeting for public participation.


The dates of future meetings are as follows:


Wednesday     September 16th

Wednesday     October 21st

Wednesday     November 18

There is no December meeting 


Please call 269-637-3607 with any quesitons regarding board meetings. 

All of our senior centers and offices are currently closed to the public due to Covid19.   Please contact us at 269-637-3607 with any questions.




Persons age 60 and over, living in

Van Buren County and within an area that is funding SSVBC through millage dollars, are eligible to receive services and attend activities at any of our locations. 

Are you interested in volunteering?

To find out more about our Retired and Senior Volunteer Program and Americorp Seniors, pleases click on the Volunteering Tab.

Scheduled events for the remainder of 2020

To place your orders for South Haven or Paw Paw Pick Up Meals, please call 269-637-3607 and leave a message no later than the Friday before the meal date.  To place your orders for Decatur Drive Through Meals, please call 269-423-8788 or 269-423-8655.


Locations for Pick Up Meals

South Haven:

Sr City on 76th St, 10781 76th St, South Haven

Paw Paw:

Sr. City East, West Parking Lot

600 E Michigan, Paw Paw


Hard Times Cafe

109 N Phelps St


Senior Services October

Oct. 7-Wed    11am-1pm                                     Pick-Up meal $5                                        Chop Suey w/Rice or                                    2 piece Chicken Dinner     Decatur


Oct. 8-Thurs.   12-1pm                                      Pick-up meal $5- Chili  Corn Bread                       South Haven and Paw Paw


Oct. 15-Thurs.   12-1pm                                     Pick-up meal $5– Turkey Tetrazzini             South Haven and Paw Paw


Oct. 15-Thurs. South Haven Commodities for qualified seniors


Oct. 20-Tues. Paw Paw Commodities for qualified seniors


Oct. 22  Thurs.  12-1pm                             Pick-up meal $5– Maple Grove Burgers

                                Homemade Chips

South Haven and Paw Paw


Oct. 29 – Thurs.    12-1pm                          Pick-up meal $5– Creamy Chicken                                             Lasagna

South Haven and Paw Paw


Oct. 30 – Fri. Paw Paw Food Truck  

                       All welcome

11am-12pm     600 E Michigan, Paw Paw


                     Senior Services November

Nov. 2 – Mon.    Gobles Food Truck                                          All welcome

11am-12pm          Gobles UMC                                                    210 Exchange St, Gobles


Nov. 4-Wed.     11am-1pm                                 Pick-Up Meal $5-                                Turkey dinner w/ dressing  or  2 piece Chicken Dinner                                               Decatur


Nov. 5 – Thur.  12-1pm                                     Pick-up meal $5-Country fried steak, mashed  potatoes                                             South Haven and Paw Paw


Nov. 11 – Wed.    Porter Food Truck                                           All welcome

11am-12pm          Porter Township Hall,                                      88040 M-40, Lawton

Nov. 12-Thur.   12-1                                        Pick-up meal $5-Maple Grove Pulled Pork                               and Homemade Chips

 South Haven and Paw Paw


Nov. 17-Thus. Paw Paw Commodities for qualified seniors


Nov. 19 – Thurs.   12-1                              Pick-up meal $5 –Thanksgiving Dinner         South Haven and Paw Paw


Nov. 19-Thus. South Haven Commodities for qualified seniors


Nov. 26-27 Closed-Thanksgiving


Nov. 30 – Mon.  South Haven Food Truck

11am-12pm          Hope Reformed Church,                                1365 Monroe Blvd


                   Senior Services December

Dec. 2-Wed.  11am-1pm                            Pick-up meal $5-Country Fried Steak Dinner or 2 Piece Chicken Dinner      Decatur

Dec. 3 – Thur.   12-1

Pick-up meal $5 – Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole                                 South Haven and Paw Paw


Dec. 4 – Fri.         Arlington Food Truck

11am-12pm           Arlington Twp Hall,                                         52022 34th St, Bangor


Dec. 10 – Thurs. 12-1pm                          Pick-up meal $5 – Lasagna & Garlic                                             Bread     

South Haven and Paw Paw


Dec. 15-Tues Paw Paw Commodities


Dec. 17 – Thurs.  12-1pm                            Pick-up meal $5 – Ham Christmas                                                Dinner    

South Haven and Paw Paw


Dec. 17-Thurs. South Haven Commodities


Dec. 23-Jan. 1 Closed for Christmas




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